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Summer Kit List

Map, Compass & Stopwatch

Its important to know where you are going. Make sure your compass works before every outting.


Map Case

Keeps your map and other documents safe and dry in any weather.


First Aid Kit & Whistle

In case of minor accidents, make sure you are equipped and ready.


Orange Survival Bag

In case of unforeseen incidents where you are injured or waiting for emergency services. This will keep you warm and protected from the elements.


Food & Water

Take enough food to keep you going all day, plus emergency food in case you get stuck out over night!


Headtorch & Spare Batteries

In case the sun goes down before you get back. Spare batteries are always a good idea.


Hat & Gloves

Keep those extremeties warm - even in the summer its pretty chilly at 900m!


Spare Clothing

Having a few different layers to chop and change helps control your core temperature and come in handy in case of an emergency!



For Scotland's little showers - essential to enjoy a wet day in the hills.


Boots and Gaitors

Sturdy, waterproof footwear with good ankle support and an aggressive tread for uneven and rough ground.



25-35 litres will suffice for most summer days. A waist strap will help share the load from your shoulders!


Midge Repellant/net, Sun Hat & Sun Cream

Just in case our Highland midge gets unbearable, or on the off chance the sun makes an appearance!


Walking Poles

These will help you over rough ground, and take the pressure off your knees on long descents - regardless of your age these are a must!

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