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Craig Dubh Mountaineering

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Summer Skills Courses

Navigation – The Basics


During this course you will learn the basic skills required to navigate confidently in the Summer mountains. Skills covered will include:


  • Setting the Map

  • Reading Map Features

  • Taking a Bearing

  • Following a Bearing

  • Interpreting Contours

  • Timing & Pacing Techniques


This can be covered in 1 day, or if you require more time it can cover 2 days depending on your needs. Most of the time will be spent at low level in order to focus on the techniques in a safe environment.



Navigation – Advanced


This course is a continuation of what is covered above, with some new skills introduced to make you a competent and confident navigator in any Summer condition. Additional skills include:


  • Micro Navigation

  • Planning a Journey

  • Navigation Strategies

  • Relocation Techniques

  • Night/Poor Visibility Navigation


If you already know the basics and want to scratch up on your skills, or refresh what you already know, this can be taken as a one day course to suit your needs.



The Mountain Landscape


This course is designed to help you understand the mountain landscape which we walk through and admire. It is an educational journey with the focus being on learning rather than making a summit, although this will be a secondary objective. Topics covered may include:


  • Flora & Fauna

  • Geology

  • Glaciation

  • The Weather

  • Lochs and Rivers


This course can be run as a 1 or 2 day course and can take place in a range of areas, although Ben Nevis and Glen Coe are of particular interest.

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Or call 07738665418 to arrange a Tailor Guided day